Educational Music Enrichment

Our Focus

We believe that music can change the world. Find out how you can be involved.


Bring a program designed specifically for your team. Using music as a tool we focus on interactive activities, leadership training, and community building that will communicate the right message to your employees.


Experienced musicians host community events, clinics, and workshops. We can help you get the funding you need to have a quality music experience.


Working with youth is our specialty. Music programming for K-12 schools, Libraries, and church groups is interactive, leadership focused, and packed with excitement!

Music helps us live better lives

When we put words aside, we can express ourselves in a way that speaks to our human nature.
Benefit your health, expand your community, and rewire your brain.

Studies show that music makes your children smarter, can help adults with memory related diseases, and promote lowered stress levels. Music is also entertaining, good for the soul, and a great way to feel like part of a group.

Our Team

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Justin Harper

Clinician and Music Teacher
Justin is the founder of SongHarper and a passionate teacher and musician. Middle school chorus director, church musician, composer, private instructor, rhythm facilitator, musician, and clinician.

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